An extremely specialized world, struggling with a continuous value-crisis, really needs those having an insight into the mind-boggling events surrounding us, those able to question reality, and who, by doing so enrich to the complexity of our self-knowledge.

kiut szuk
Our department most welcomes those, who do not feel insecure about such a task. The curricula offered by our department aims at the formation of a well shaped cultural self-consciousness, critical spirit, value-oriented thinking and last but not least communication skills. Beside the questions of a classical European cultural tradition, our students will have to face challenges coming from fields of contemporary ethics, aesthetics, science, religion, or the complexity of different social problems, so that they can integrate themselves into the whole of an ongoing social dialogue.
It is our strongest conviction that the two main curricular lines of studies (European intellectual tradition and political philosophy) will meet the widest range of expectations, and help our students to a full intellectual development and professional self-realization.


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